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Who are Envirolyte?

Envirolyte®, our Estonian manufacturer, produces their machines within the EU.

Commercial & Batch Electrolysers

Ccommercial Anolyte ANK machines produce 20 to 6000 litres per hour. Batch machines produce 30 litres of Anolyte ANK per hour and 20 litres of Catholyte per hour, with the option to dispense and fill trigger spray bottles or containers of 1 to 5 litres.

How to apply the product

- Dosing - Fog - Electrostatic Fogging - Freezing - Humidifying - Spraying - Soaking - Rinsing - Immerstion

How is Electrolysed Water (ECA) produced?

ECA is produced by applying an electrical current to a very dilute saltwater solution.


Hyperchlorus Acid (HCIO) and Free Available Chlorine (FAC)

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) & Free Available Chlorine (FAC) are the same thing, Anolyte ANK is our Neutral pH version of FAC

Anolyte ANK, Anolyte & Catholyte

- Anolyte ANK is our Neutral pH Electrolysed Water – (Hypochlorous Acid). - Anolyte is an Acidic low pH Electrolysed Water – (Hypochlorous Acid). - Catholyte is a byproduct during the production of Anolyte, (safe high pH sodium hydroxide, which can be used as a surfactant, detergent, degreaser and cleaner).


Benefits on on-site production

- Low running costs. - More cost effective than regular disinfection chemicals. - Replaces existing toxic and hazardous chemicals or biocides. - Prevents the handling & mixing of detergents, bleaches or other disinfection and cleaning solutions.

Enviromental Impact

- 100% safe for humans, animals and aquatic species - Biodegrades back in to the constituent components which are water, basic elements and other compounds - Only produces environmentally friendly by products, less than chlorine dioxide - Reduced CO2 implications due to low electricity usage, especially when our low energy machines are used - Envirolyte machines are EU approved biocidal products since December 2015

Other Uses

- Help removal of soil or debris - Kitchens or Food Processing areas - Janitorial / Housekeeping - Odour Removal by Fogging


Who are we?

HPL-FM is a Dubai based sterilization, disinfecting and water purification company.

What do we distrubute?

We primarily distrubute Envirolyte Machines.

Where do we distrubute?

UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
Balearic Islands: Ibiza

How can I contact you?

- Phone - E-mail - Contact Form

Do you offer Pest Control?

We do, you can find out more here.